Ok look.

Please stop going on dates with these pots and telling them how crazy or cheap other sds are. Didn’t you learn at a young age men like to compete and prove themselves when they feel they have worthy competition. If you tell these men that all the other guys on the sites are flakers, cheap asses, assholes and creeps (which is true) then they feel they have no worthy competition which in turn they think you should be “lucky” to have them since the other guys aren’t shit.

Again, STOP telling your pot or sd horror stories.

I’m on the phone with this guy that thinks it’s okay to give me 1K because other babies have told him how horrible the men are on the site. Like.No.Bitch. You crazy. I don’t give a Fuck what the other girls told you about the men on the site, I ain’t settling because you think you’re a handsome, good catch (which you aren’t).

Again.. Again.. Again..

PRETEND that you have worthy options. Stop being stupid bitches.


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